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Doing business in a post-COVID world.

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years, and we (like you) have had to adapt – evolve. While we’re still available for face-to-face meetings with clients, the majority of our work is now conducted remotely from behind a desk, in front of a computer screen, or swiping on a mobile phone.

Setting up a telephone or video conference is simple, preparing electronic documents and digital signing is straight forward. This means that in this post-COVID world, we can continue to assist you from the convenience of your own home or office.

Transactions and operations

For information about our commercial law services relating to starting, running and growing your business.

Disputes and Litigation

For information about legal advice and representation in commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

Trust our lawyers with your business

We work with company directors, general managers, and business owners to assist with running their business. As legal advisers to decision-makers, our commercial approach provides an easy to understand and practical solution to situations that can often be complex and challenging.

In your decision to use our commercial legal services, you’ll appreciate that we’re readily available on short notice, easily accessible, and offer some of the lowest cost legal fees in Sydney.¬†

Commercial transactions

Looking for professional legal advice and services for your business?

Our commercial and practical approach will help your organisation achieve its goals. Whatever stage you’re at – from starting your business, managing your business, growing your business through to even closing your business – we look after the legal issues that arise in your business throughout your business lifecycle. We do it so you don’t have to.

We offer fixed fees for legal services in the majority of transactions relating to commercial and business matters irrespective of the time taken or the complexity. Allow us an opportunity to scope the work and provide you with a quote for your consideration.

Commercial litigation 

Disagreements and disputes can arise whenever you’re interacting with others. In most cases, they’re going to be your suppliers, your consumers, or the government. When that happens, you need to have the right lawyer in your corner.

Escalating your issues to our team of commercial litigation lawyers is a critical step. We don’t take on that responsibility lightly. We’re experienced at the art of dispute resolution and we’re readily available to provide you with clear directions as to how you can best resolve your dispute.

Although we usually charge an hourly rate for litigation and dispute resolution, most cases can be broken down into different stages of work. If so, we’ll also offer fixed-fee quotes or provide a clear estimated budget for each stage. Contact us for an estimate.

Commercial understanding

As commercial lawyers, we don’t just limit our approach to the legal aspects of your transaction or your dispute – we put it into context.

We’re in business too (just like you) and so we understand the challenges of owning and managing a business, especially a small business. Our advice, recommendations and proposed solutions focus on providing outcomes that are legally effective as well as commercially practical.

Forget the sometimes confusing world of legal jargon and complicated explanations. We make things simple and have been helping business owners and managers for over two decades. Look us up to see how we’re able to help you with your business too.

  • Buying and selling businesses and business assets, including succession planning. The life cycle of most businesses will involve acquiring or disposing of business assets. Some transactions can happen without lawyers while others may be more involved or complex requiring legal advice and legal representation.
  • Leasing commercial and retail property. Entering into commercial leases and retail leases is necessary if your business operates from a commercial or retail premises.
  • Setting up business structures. Setting up, expanding, restructuring your business ensures that it has the appropriate foundation for sustainability and growth.
  • Drafting business documents. Internal and external documents represent how your business operates. We help you in planning, designing and writing your business documents such as contracts, agreements, terms of trade, and disclaimers.
  • Protecting intellectual property. Creating and protecting your copyright and trade marks is an important aspect of your business branding.
  • Entering into franchise agreements. Entering and exiting a franchise for both franchsior and franchisee is an important process.
  • Securing finance. Every business needs money to operate and if you have to borrow that money, you may need legal advice and representation to review the loan structure, as well as loan and security documents.
  • Assisting with management, governance and compliance. Internal management often requires policies and procedures to ensure that you are complying with best practices or your legal obligation.
  • Commercial Disputes and Commercial Litigation. Disputes and disagreements will happen when you interact with others, especially your suppliers, consumers or third parties. If those relationships breakdown, it is possible that you will end up in court.
  • Debt Recovery. When you are owed money and your debtors are not paying you. Recovering your accounts receivables starts with debt collection activities, debt recovery and legal action. We assist you with taking legal action and pursuing it through the court as well as enforcement and recovery.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement. Protecting your business brand when others copy or use your brand and intellectual property without your permission.
  • Negotiation and Mediation/Facilitation. There are many ways to resolve a dispute or disagreement without going to court. We explore these options first before escalating your issues through to legal action.

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